Change: So the author of Aurora Feint left a comment about the stored phone numbers and emails, and said they are only for community features of the game. There are no evidence of Aurora Feint actually uploading information to their server. But we hope in the next version of Aurora Feint, users should get informed after entering the game and preferably a option that let users to choose if they want to enable this community feature.

Original Conversation:

# Jason Citron Says:
Hey there,

Can you please correct this article? I’ve written a detailed outline of what we’re doing with people’s contact list data on our web site. The short answer is we only store what you type in to our application on the web server. We never spam, rent, sell, or do anything funky with your personal data.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask me personally.By the way, preventing the application from writing to the account data file will break your save games.- Jason CitronP.S. We are posting the privacy notice now. It should be live by noon PST.# admin Says:

admin Says:

Well, the problem is that users are not told by Aurora Feint that they are actually using the information stored in the Contacts application, and the personal information collected by the app is definitely not submitted through your website.So I would like to see you guys inform the users that you are actually using the contacts information from the iPhone, and let users to choose if they want Aurora Feint to use it for Community Features.



Aurora Feint is a popular free App Store game, it even got to the top 25 list from official Apple site. Bur recently users report that they found Aurora Feint secretly collection iPhone (iPod Touch) Contact information.
So first I installed Aurora Feint from App Store and run the game for about few minutes.

Then to test if Aurora Feint actually collect person info, I added two Contacts, one email address, one note entry, and web history of google search.

Now I ran the game once again, clicked through the game so it gets the time to steal my personal info and store it XD.

Okay, now let’s check the result. Btw you will need a jailbroke iPhone and OpenSSH installed to access iPhone directory. Connect your iPhone from your computer through SSH client. Go to
/private/var/mobile/Applications/*****(Randomly generated code with in it)/Documents
There should be a file named iMmoAccountData , download the file and open it use any text editor.

And now, what do you discover? Oh My GOD, it’s the contact information I just entered!

Are you disgusted by Aurora Feint now? Time to delete it!

However, if you still want to play this game without it collecting anymore personal info, here is how to do it.

  • Delete the original iMmoAccoutData in Documents folder
  • Create a blank file named iMmoAccoutData and put it in the same folder
  • Change the permission to 444 so Aurora Feint cannot modify this file any more.

Obviously Apple got some work to do about iPhone user privacy and properly managing App Store platform, so personal info cannot be easily collected without users notice.

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