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PC Tools is offering free 1-year licenses for their Internet Security 2009 software (reg: $50+).

Sign up here.


This video is leaked from The oPhone is Lenovo’s new touch screen phone based by Google Android system. The design is alot similar to the Apple iPhone, but there are some bright spots on its interface design.

Now this is not a joke, it seems like all Google search results are marked as dangerous site and have a warning (“This site may harm your computer.“) All search results are denied access.

At first, I thought my computer got infected by virus. So I tried Google searching on different computers, but the same results came out.

Hopefully Google responds to this quick.


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A new app called Clippy Beta just came out from Cydia, which enables real system level copy/paste support for iPhone and iPod.

I got my Clippy from a source called iSpazio ( The app is only about 23kb and the installing process cannot be any easier.


Since the Copy and Paste keys are integrated onto the keyboard, you can perfrom a copy and corresponding paste where ever you have access to the iPhone keyboard. Note: you have to click the number keyboard to access it.

To select phrases and words, all you have to do is hold and drag. The keyboard addon works really fast as well.

Clippy is still in beta stage, so there might be some bugs here and there, but I find it quite stable.





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Since the start of the Obama campaign, Kenyans have showed great affections toward the first black president of America. And now, there is a new way to show some love to Mr. Obama, and that is, BUY A OBAMA PHONE.

Yeah, that’s right. The Chinese made Obama phone is set to enter Kenyan market in a short time. The cellphone does not have any fancy features but what is does have is Obama’s most used propaganda “Yes We Can” and “Obama” on the back of the cellphone. Spec-wise, it has a 125×125 color screen w/ radio. The best about it is, you can get it for only $30 US.

Well, for sure the phone is not a official Obama product, but it just might attract some Kenyan’s attention.


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Avira Online Shop (Germany) now offers free 6-month key for its AntiVir Premium product.

Link (Page appears to be in German, but the actual program can be set to English.)

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Users who recently got Windows 7 Beta 1 from MSDN site or the leaked image from torrent sites probably realized that they can only install the Ultimate edition of Windows 7. But other three versions still exist (Home Pre., Home Basic and Business). Not everyone needs all the features of the Ultimate edition, thats why I am showing you how to bypass this limit.

All you have to do is delete a file named ei.cfg in the installing image (\sources\ei.cfg), and you will be able to choose between the 4 editions of Windows 7 during setup.

You are recommanded to extract the file to hard drive then make the change, and install Windows 7 on hard disk. But if you want to burn it to a dvd and do a DOS install, you have to rebuild the image after making the change then burn and install.


iPhone case/skin manufacture XSKN listed “iPhone Nano” as one of the categories for cases on their website. This is one of the most obvious evidence of the existence of the new iPhone.

XSKN has a history of leaking info about unreleased Apple products, such as iPhone 3G and iPod Nano 4th Gen.


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